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DAFaid – Truck Breakdown Assistance

DAFaid truck breakdown assistance is accepted as the best in the business. Designed to get you moving again quickly, it provides excellent customer support with fast response times, high tech solutions and expert staff.

DAFaid is the ultimate service for roadside truck repair, saving you time and money. You can depend on DAFaid for:

  • The fastest response in the industry – average time from first call to vehicle moving just 96 minutes
  • Average response time 44 minutes
  • 24 hour service, 365 days a year
  • Coverage across Europe with ITS
  • Highly trained and experienced incident managers
  • Link and chase technology to keep everyone informed
  • Just one call needed, on a free number
  • An impressive 80% of vehicles repaired at the roadside

All commercial vehicle breakdown assistance through DAFaid will be invoiced through HW Martin (Plant) Ltd. For more information, please contact us.